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Discover Ravenna

Places of cultural interest

Ravenna is a city rich in sites of historical and cultural interest to visit.

On the tourism website you can find several ideas to organize your holiday and discover all the places not to be missed. From UNESCO monuments with their wonderful mosaics to admire to museums that tell the story of Ravenna.

A curiosity for lovers of the Divina Commedia: in Ravenna there is a project called “L’ora che volge il disìo”. Every day at dusk, in front of Dante’s tomb, anyone who wishes can read a song from the Divina Commedia. Read more about Perpetual reading of the Divina Commedia.

Places of natural interest

If you love nature, Ravenna and its surroundings are full of places to discover: the valleys of Comacchio, the pine forests overlooking the sea, the WWF oases, are some of the many places to visit.

You can take a sunset trip to visit the famous salt pans of Cervia

Find out how they treat sea turtles and if you are lucky to see their release into the sea at the Cestha center in Marina di Ravenna

A few kilometers from Ravenna, on the road to Mirabilandia, you can make a stop at the Stork Village, an area that houses a colony of these beautiful birds that have decided to nest and become settled here in the territory.

Places of entertainment

The Romagna Riviera is famous for its places of entertainment.

You can choose between amusement parks such as Mirabilandia, aquariums where you can see sharks and penguins such as the Aquarium of Cattolica or enter the world of birds of prey and admire the somersaults in the air of dolphins in Oltremare.